The Diamond Initiative – The Creation

How did The Diamond Initiative come about you ask?

The Diamond Initiative started as a dream of a group of strong females rocking business, supporting and empowering each other so we can all strive for the best from our business and personal lives. And that dream has come true.

The Diamond Initiative is a support, business and networking group for women in business, whether you haven’t started the business yet or whether you have been in business 10+ years. There is always a need for support and to learn at any stage in life and business.

I (Roseanna) started The Diamond Initiative initially as a networking group for female business owners in Derby.

I know of very few people with the same business mindset and this can sometimes be disheartening, especially when it comes to talking about struggles, or even celebrating an achievement.

I believed that to have a group of like-minded people around me to offer support and encouragement in areas I need it most would be extremely beneficial. I figured I wasn’t the only woman in the world who must feel like there is a lack of support out there and who would also love a group like this for the same or similar reasons.

So, hence my reasons for starting The Diamond Initiative. I have met some amazing people through this part of the journey (I won’t mention them all, but they know who they are!), and I met Robyn who was to become my kick ass partner in Diamond Initiative crime.

Robyn: The Diamond initiative to me showcases how strong women in business stay resilient under pressure, are valuable and how they can be noticed and talked about. As i got to know Roseanna i quickly started to smile as i realised we were two peas out of the same pod that had noticed this gap in support for the powerful women i was networking and connecting with through my business progression.

So Roseanna, who inspires you in the world of women in business? who has really struck a chord and helped you to structure your business mindset?

Roseanna: Well, there are a few women who have come to my attention recently who have really struck a chord with me, making me realise that it is possible to reach my goals and ambitions.

Cara Alwill Leyba being one, she’s an american author and Master Life Coach. When I first met one of my close friends in business, I mentioned I wanted to create The Diamond Initiative, and she told me I had to read Cara’s book ‘Girl Code’. Before this I hadn’t really delved into the power that are business women and what a game changer! This woman is an inspiration, purely because of how authentic she is.

I could go on and tell you more, but I feel this is a blog post for another day!!

Robyn: What do you turn to for inspiration in your working day?

Roseanna: Honestly, all sorts! Beautiful things I see on social media, I love looking at other people’s stunning jewellery creations to help my creative juices flow!

Podcasts, I love a good podcast or TED talk while I’ve got my head down creating, it helps me think concentrate on what I’m doing, helps me learn and become inspired.

If I’m having a really tough day, I’ll reach out to someone such as a business friend or support group. It helps to have contact with the outside business world because you remember you’re not alone.

And sunshine, I am SO motivated when it’s a gorgeous day!

Robyn: Is there one thing that you wouldn’t be without within your business?

Roseanna: My planner. I schedule my day hour by hour, all my to do lists go in here as well as my goals for the week. The planner I use at the moment is excellent and I can honestly say I would be lost without it, it’s helped shaped the way I work.

Roseanna: Robyn, I love how we met, and very quickly discovered our mutual passion for supporting and helping others. What is the single most important thing, you wish to achieve from supporting other women in business, such as ourselves?

Robyn: I want to stop the fear that I was engulfed by when I first started my business, the business world is a very large and very opposing space that I felt was incredibly overwhelming. If the TDI can help women with amazing ideas to overcome their fears and tribulations to hit the ground running then I will have achieved my own personal goal of allowing women to make an impact from the get go in their sectors.

Roseanna: Looking back, if you could have had anything (reality or fantasy) when starting your business, what would it be?

Robyn: A magic money tree??? On a more serious note, I felt that there wasn’t enough positive networking opportunities for women that allow for each woman to be different. I wish that someone had contacted me and said its ok to feel how you are feeling, it’s ok to feel like you are struggling, how do you need me to help?

Roseanna: We know how important mentors are, for advice and for sanity. What’s the best piece of advice you have been given by your mentor?

Robyn: I never used to include self care and self appreciation into my working day, I was once told by a fabulous women to always have a bar of my favourite chocolate in the fridge, so whenever I went for my daily brew I could reward myself. it is so important to have something to work towards, something that makes you smile when you think about it. So now I ensure I  am not just working for the sake of working. I am working to live a life i have dreamt about.

The Diamond Initiative will allow women from all walks of business to be safe in the knowledge that their is a support network designed for them. A haven of knowledge and support that values each quirk in personality, that will aim to calm any chaos within their business lives and environments and a place to learn from others who have chosen similar paths within their life.

The Diamond Initiative is the missing piece in your business tool set


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