The Art Of Being Brilliant

By Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker 
Book Review Written By Robyn MacMillan
“Transform your life by doing what is best for you” 

As any budding business woman i try to consume as many books by those who we would call inspirational, knowledgeable or have experience beyond my own years. I was given this book by a business mentor that i was lucky enough to have known during my time as a start-up business.
This book, in all of its glorious simplicity, has allowed me to do a total “re-haul” on my approach to not only my business but my own life.

Let me set the scene….

I used to be incredibly engrossed in my business, my home office was where i basically lived ( I even moved the coffee machine upstairs). I couldn’t walk past the office without thinking i had to do some work.

At the time i thought that this was just what new business owners do and that this was the life i was expected to lead.

It lead to burnout, frustration and i had lost all of the motivation and enjoyment for my business.

Then i was recommended this book, this book is so easily consumed that it didn’t feel like any stereotypical self help book that i had been told to take an interest in. It showed me how to manage my mood, how to realise that other people don’t have to affect me, it showed me how to enjoy the small things and to create a better work life balance.
I’m not going to spoil it for you…….But be a 2%er and avoid those mood hoovers!

Roseanna’s Thoughts
“For me, this book has had a huge impact on how I see and approach life. I definitely see myself as a 2%er and really try hard to maintain this thanks to the wonderful words and stories in this book.
Having read quite a few self development books (I love being on the top of my game, and always looking to learn) this is definitely one of my favourites because of its message and how enjoyable it is to read. I would recommended this to book to anybody”

You can purchase the book here! The Art of Being Brilliant – Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker



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