July Meeting 2017 – Goal setting workshop! 💎

In this meeting we tried out our new venue, and it was a roaring success! We also had some new faces at this meeting which was amazing. The goal setting workshop ran by roseanna was also a huge success, and made everyone realise the importance of not only setting goals, but the importance of setting them in a way that you can be accountable and they are achievable! 


Well what an amazing night last night was! A few new faces which was great to see! I love the new venue, comfy, spacious private! The staff were extremely helpful which always helps! (And refreshing prosecco…!)

I took a lot from our meeting and I drove home feeling slightly warm and fuzzy on the inside (a feeling which normally, only puppies give me!) 
We spoke about our goals and how to set them effectively, one of my favourite quotes ‘A goal without a plan is only a wish.’ So make those action plans ladies! We’ll be sending the giveaway and more tips out to our Rough Diamond members on Monday!
The feedback from the event was brilliant, it reassures Robyn and I that we are offering something that so many business ladies (not non business ladies for that matter) can gain from. I’m now really motivated for August and hope you are too!


I love the new venue don’t you? And I really enjoyed everyone’s company. Roseannas workshop on Goal Setting was really eye opening, and I started to think about how I could structure my goals differently and learn not to give myself a get out clause for not achieving them. 

I would also like to say a massive thankyou to all of you that attended this meeting, I can’t believe how much I learn from you all each time we meet! 
What do you think about the introduction of The Diamond Initiative Library? 
We added this service into the TDI because it means that we can all have access to books that can help us not only within out business but with our mentality, self care rituals and other processes that can improve our lives! (Without having to buy or store the books that allow us to learn how!) 

I was totally blown away and inspired by all of you, and I hope to see you at the next event! 

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