Trees Bees & Marshmallows – Highlighted Business in August!

The Diamond Initiative is designed to empower women in business, and we love showcasing our members amazing businesses!

Corri Rodgers is the founder of Trees Bees and Marshmallows, natural and organic skincare products for mums and babies! Her products range from baby massage oil to stretch mark oil for mums!

The Diamond Initiative aske Corri to answer a few questions about
her business and her
responses are below.

What made you start your own business?
When I was pregnant with my son Hugo. I become more aware of the skin care products available for babies. I wasn’t impressed. I decided to experiment and make our own. I wanted to help others, educate on my research and make a range available that was honest.


Who has been your biggest inspiration while building your business to where it is today?
Probably Hugo, without him I don’t think I would have one. I am inspired everyday when looking at nature (sounds so hippie) nature has so much to offer to care, protect and heal. Listening to other people in business inspires me.                                                                         

Describe your perfect day at work!
Early get up. I hate mornings but why waste a day. Check emails, social portals and receiving lots of orders and questions from other mums I can help inform a little more. If I learn something every day I’m happy.

What has been your biggest hurdle to date and how did you overcome it?
I’m constantly learning and have little hurdles everyday, I really struggle to find time to get everything I want done. Having Hugo. (A nanny would help!!) I haven’t found that fine line yet. Not coming from a cosmetic, pharmaceutical or beauty background I didn’t have a clue how to get my products to market. Just knowing the processes, learning and finding out it all on my own. Makes me proud I got there.

What has been your biggest ‘Wow’ moment in business? Your biggest achievement? I have just had an online skincare shop stock our products, they specialise in natural, organic toxic free baby products.

What do you find most useful about The Diamond Initiative? The expertise and experience of others in business it’s so valuable to learn from others success. And how others operate to achieve their dreams.

If you would like to check out her business further you can!
Trees Bees & Marshmallows Website
Trees Bees & Marshmallows Facebook Page
trees_bees_marshmallows – Instagram


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