Are you an Entrepreneur On Fire?

Written by Robyn MacMillan

Entrepreneur on fire is a great award winning podcast that i interviews the most inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs each day in the week. The idea behind this podcast channel is to inspire all of us, and to allow us to see that anything is possible!

The episode that i am reviewing for this Podcast review is episode 1757: The proven strategies everyone should know to achieve massive success and overcome adversity with Rod Khleif. Rod is one of the top real estate investors in America and has owned over 2000 homes and apartment buildings and is also on TV, runs multiple businesses and side hustles and truly grasps onto every minute of his life.

I find this podcast inspiring as Rod didn’t come from a well off background, and has had to work and graft for every penny and opportunity that he has achieved or experienced. This really helps me to grasp the idea that our empires are shaped by us, and we are in charge of our destiny!

He also talks about how you should not stop at just setting goals, you should visulise everything you want in your life or business. This is a mantra to follow, as it allows you to see your future or your success and this is an amazingly powerful tool that can drive your motivation.

He also explains his worst moment in his entrepreneurial life. I love how real this Podcast is, it makes you realise that running your own business is not all fun and cash flow, you will have down moments and you will struggle, but it’s about how you pick yourself back up again!


I really enjoyed this, hearing about the power of visualisation and how it worked for Rod Khleif. How he built 22 businesses, some which are majorly successful and others which were ‘ seminars’ to him ( failures to us).

I love his outlook on planning and his gratitude and thinking list, something I think we should all have. I will also be very interested to read the 2 books he recommends – they sound fantastic.

If you have a spare 20 minutes, definitely give this a Listen. It’s too the point and an inspiring podcast.

Have a listen, and look through the other interviews on this podcast channel, they are great background motivation while you work!

To listen to this podcast follow this link – Entrepreneur On Fire

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 13.40.23.png


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