What Self Worth Means To Us – Roseanna & Robyn

IMG_5107.JPGSelf Worth means so many different things to different people and Robyn and I got together today to chat about what it means to us and to share it with you lovely Diamonds!
Robyn, we’re not born with self worth ingrained into our brains. In fact, quite the opposite, a lot of us have been brought up being told ‘not to be selfish,’ ‘do you really need that,’ and always listening to that critical inner voice. I know you’re a big believer in this so when did you start realising your own self worth?
To be honest it wasn’t until recently I realised I was not valuing myself and acknowledging my own self worth. It became apparent to me when a client started to make me question my own believes and processes, that all my other clients loved. I knew then that not everyone is my ideal client. And that was the moment I started to believe in my own self worth, and to be honest I have never looked back from this moment.
How do you put self worth into practice on a daily basis?
Some days I forget to, I must be honest, but along with any self care I believe this is something you need to keep working at. I make sure I get a moment to listen to my favourite music, I write down how far I have come and i also what I am thankful for and I make sure I have something to look forward to.
How would you advise someone to discover their self worth?
I would tell them to write down all of the achievements that they have done recently, and ask them to think about them and how they got there and the obstacles they have overcome. Each moment you pick yourself up and tackle a problem you are bolstering your self worth, each time you turn a negative into a positive you are making sure you realise that you are in control, and within each of these opportunities you are securing your self worth. So definitely have a think about what you have achieved and look at how far you have come.
I really enjoy discovering myself worth and ensuring it is part of my business and personal life! 
Roseanna, how do you combat negativity in your life that starts to corrode you self worth?
I concentrate on who I am and what I want from my life. I stick to my values. If this negativity tries to challenge my values and change what I believe I am worth, then I simply remove it from my life. It is not easy, especially if this negativity is a person, but it is necessary to live the life you want.
Do you feel that the media and celebrities have an affect on our self worth?
Yes, every day. But we have to be strong and know who we are and we are all beautiful and unique no matter what. A celebrity has an image to keep up, but as I tell my other half who loves Rita Ora (and why wouldn’t he, she is GORGEOUS) her shit still stinks. The media, social media, and celebrities try and test our confidence and self worth every day, but it is up to us to not let it and know for the most of it, it isn’t real. It’s smoke and mirrors.
What do you do daily to validate your own self worth?
Do what makes me happy, because I deserve a happy life. And I’ll be honest, it’s only recently I’ve really stuck to this. But if I want champagne, I’m going to buy a bottle. If I want a lie in, I’ll have it. If I want to skydive, I’m going to do it. Because I am worth all of these things.
I also don’t worry if I have a spot, or if I have a tummy roll, because I am NORMAL and I have so much more value to me than how I look
You are worth it. Whatever ‘it’ is. Tell the world
Self worth is important, as it allows you to know your worth not only in your personal life but also your business environment! So stop listening to that critical inner voice that tells us we are undeserving of happiness and override this by your own powerful inner voice and challenge your inner critic!
Own Who You Are

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