Lay The Groundwork – Then You’re In For A Win!

Every month we love to celebrate our member’s Diamond Moments. This month, Marianne has had one hell of a month in having her work noticed by big names in her industry!

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 13.12.46.png


This has been a month of past deeds paying off. I always say if you lay the groundwork correctly then you’re in for a win! And I have won this month. It’s easy to dismiss some of the connections you make on your business journey, they can just seem like little nuggets of meetings and emails and messages on social media but if you make real connections then I think you should trust that they all will play their part in making you and your business better. One of these small ‘groundwork’ moments was back in October when I was messaged by a new wedding planning business, Once Upon A Wedding. They wanted to recommend my services to their clients and also include me in some styled shoots. I was keen and put my all into these shoots and meeting as I try to do with all the connections I make. To me, investing my time and my products is essential, and then, as in my business I watch the seeds grow into beautiful flowers.

So, to my wins… One of the first shoots I was involved with through Once Upon A Wedding, a botanical themed, ethereal wonderland, has been featured on one of theScreen Shot 2017-08-26 at 13.05.35.png biggest wedding blogs in the UK! Rock My Wedding commented on how much they loved my flowers and I felt incredibly proud of the work I’d put in to get there. Snowballing from this, the shoot then got picked up by one of the premier bridal magazines for flowers. Wedding Flowers and Accessories is sold in WHSmiths and Tesco, they want to do a ‘mood board’ double page feature on the ‘botanical’ shoot which they have said will be going to print in September! This is such a massive achievement for me, I’ve been buying that very magazine since I first wanted to be a florist and to actually see my flowers on its pages is going to be something else! Needless to say, I popped a cork and drank some fizz the night I got that news.

These are just two parts of the last month that have been amazing for me, there have been the normal bookings and connections and new possibilities but these have definitely both been highlights. All from answering a comment on my Instagram, and following it through to having a coffee with, what have now become, wonderful friends Once Upon A Wedding.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 13.05.08.png

I’m naturally very optimistic, I always see the good in every situation. Sometimes this can be to my detriment, but I honestly believe that you should really try and take every opportunity and at least weigh it up before dismissing it. Some things go nowhere, but nearly all of my experiences have lead me into not only great working relationships, but also friendships I know will last a lifetime.


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