Self worth – Part Two

This month we have reached out to some of our members for their opinion on Self Worth. We asked Josie Hardaker her opinion!
dont settle.jpg
Roseanna asked me to write this blog on self worth and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to put. Then it hit me, I have always had self worth, a trait some people really struggle with. Self worth to me is knowingyour own mind, knowing what you like and what you don’t and not changing that to suit anyone else just so they like you!
This goes back to school days, well that’s as far back as I can remember, I never did anything just because everyone else was, I knew my worth, and if people didn’t want to be friends with me because I wasn’t doing something they were, then I always figured it was their loss – which is probably why I have the most loyal, life long friends and they accept me for exactly who I am.
I do think that’s the most important part of self worth. Knowing you’re worthy! Knowing it, honouring it and always remembering it in situations that make you feel like you need to be someone whom you are not !
As entrepreneurs, I believe our self worth must be greater than others. Our self worth screams at us to say we are not made for a normal job working for someone else! We value our time, and efforts and we want our time and efforts to be put into something that’s ours!
You can’t really get more self worthy than that, in my book.
Sure, we all go through bad times where our opinion on our own self worth is tested but times like those are needed sometimes for self growth also. Or we meet just plain mean people who can see our self worth is strong and try to tone it down – never let that happen either!
To me self worth is really simple, it really is just knowing who you are and knowing your own mind and as long as you know you’re a kind person and you don’t hurt anyone, not changing who you are for anyone – that’s self worth.
Have a look at Josie’s amazing business here – Hardaker’s Hampers!

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