I’ve Been Asked To Pay To Give My Brand Away…

How many of you have been approached and asked by an ‘influencer’ for a freebie? Or even worse, been asked to pay to join a scheme to give your products away?
This week, I had an email from a company called For Bloggers Only. They told me their influencers were in love with my brand and were ‘requesting it’. I had a look at their page, checked out their ‘influencers’. I saw some names I recognised (all Australian Instagrammers) and had a look and some of their social media platforms. My own brand got more engagement on Instagram than a lot of these, which indicates to me, bought followers.
I emailed back out of interest to see what they were offering further. This was the email I received in return:
Thanks so much for getting back to me. I have included detailed information about how our platform works below.
For Bloggers Only specialises in connecting brands with top tier influencers. We significantly reduce the cost of social media promotion while creating incredible content for small and large businesses. Our influencers create magical online stories and introduce your brand to their audiences, in an organic way which translates into more sales and new customers for you.
You offer your pieces to our influencers as gifts.
The influencers will then “request” to collaborate with you, and we will send those requests over to you for approval.
If the influencers are on brand and you are happy to work with them, you simply “approve” the collaboration and send out their choices.
We guarantee that they will create content with any pieces obtained through the platform, and post across their social media accounts, tagging you within three weeks of receiving their pieces.
We manage this entire process until a post is made.
You can see examples of some recent content that our bloggers have created for our brands here: Recent Collaborations
All of our influencers are hand selected based upon their reach, engagement and the quality of their content. Our mantra is “Quality over Quantity.”
You can see our team of influencers HERE.
Access to the world’s top fashion and beauty influencers.
Professional Styling
Professional Photography
Social Media Promotion
Posting Reminders & Management
On average, the cost of a social media promotion is $450 for just one post. Our unique platform is able to bring that cost down to just $16 AUD per post.
INFLUENCER PRO: $250 AUD per month – up to 15 monthly collaborations
INFLUENCER UNLIMITED: $300 AUD per month – Unlimited Monthly Collaborations
There are absolutely no minimum commitment periods.
Let me know which option you’d like to go for, or if you have any questions.
I was offended almost instantly, especially reflecting on our month about self-worth in August. Is this what social media has come to? Women taking advantage of their ability to take a good photograph to gain ‘freebies’ which someone has put a lot of time and effort into creating. I have fallen for a big name before in marketing and it cost me a lot of money for little or no return. I learned my lesson from this which is why I was probably able to see through this email.
I love marketing, I love learning about it and I love the internet. It has opened all sort of door for businesses all over the world and we can now connect with people who were impossible to reach before. But this side of it makes me sad.
I realise that this has been around forever, in newspapers and magazines. Models and people in the public eye, etc. I can’t get into that because it would be opening a huge can of worms, about how women are objectified and women who objectify themselves.
Back to this email, I also value ‘Quality over Quantity,’ and I for one, will not be paying a monthly fee, to give my products to bloggers who don’t even reach my target market and my ideal clients. My brand is worth more than that.
Roseanna Croft Jewellery  – My website if you would like to have a look!
I Value Quality Over Quantity. 
Roseanna x

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