High-End Networking Secrets…

 Written by Roseanna
Glamnation Radio with Ali Brown – Episode 122, ‘High-End Networking Secrets’
 So, I’m always on the lookout for interesting podcasts and I’ll be honest, I nearly skipped past this one because of the name… I’m so glad I didn’t and I’m sorry I judged!
Ali Brown is a business coach based in the USA and has numerous awards and has been recognised as a successful female entrepreneur many times by the likes of Forbes, Ernst & Young and so many more reputable companies. And she really is glamorous, she’s fantastic.
When I saw the title of this blog post I was intrigued so I gave it a listen, it’s aimed at ‘high-end’ networking but ANYBODY could take networking advice from this. Networking in business is very important and Ali is so right when she tells you to just get out there and do it!
Networking isn’t for everyone and you have to go to events with a certain mindset to go in, be strong, enjoy it and take everything you can from it (without being pushy…). Every networking event I have been to I have taken something from, whether it be a new client, connection or information.
I also agree with what Ali says about being picky about the events you attend and the ones to avoid. Listen to her podcast for more excellent tips but take networking seriously and enjoy it – it will work for you!
I too enjoyed the fact that this podcast an be consumed by any level business women!
I enjoy networking and connection at any event, but this really gave me ideas on how to improve my networking game, without portraying myself negatively.
When i first started attending events, i didn’t think about which ones i was going to , i just tried to attend them all. The only outcome from this was fatigue, a lack of return on my input and less time to spend on growing R K Virtual Assistance. All in all a pretty negative experience!
Have a listen to this fabulous podcast, you won’t be disappointed!

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