What Does E-commerce Mean To You?

Sell The Problem You Solve, Not The Product You Sell..

The Diamond Initiative


Have you ever delved into the business ideas of e-commerce and what it means to your business?
If not, you should.

E-commerce is the process of buying and transacting online, businesses such as Ebay, Amazon and more recently Etsy have really propelled the use of e-commerce within business.

In the modern world of purchasing and client consumerism, e-commerce has become a useful business tool. How oftenhave you bought an item online as it is easier than going into town? How often have you brought items online when normal stores are closed? When these ideas are considered, the importance of e-commerce isbrought to light.

So what does e-commerce mean to you?
– E-commerce has allowed you to be connected to your potential clients, from anywhere in the world
– Your website is now your online shop front, and this is especially important to those businesses that don’t have a physical premises.

– E-commerce influences a purchase decision, this is because a potential client with start their search on line more than 80% of the time
– Your social media is linked to your e-commerce, potential buyers will search for reviews, anything liked to your company or brand and will also see what types of engagement and following you have before making the decision to purchase
– It allows you to limit the time spent by you own business and the client as the e-commerce transaction is automatedsell

And this is just the beginning….

Overwhelmed? You Shouldn’t Be. I have the simplest idea on where to start!

Your website is your starting point within your e-commerce process. Have you considered the following?
– Is your website functional?
– Does it fulfil its purpose?
– Can you use it on multiple platforms?
– Are you able to purchase directly from the website? If not, are you collecting data from those who wish to contact you?
– Do you update your website regularly?

By taking the time to answer each of these questions you will be starting to improve the e-commerce processes within your business, your website is you online shop front. To improve your conversion rate make it true to your brand, simple to use and unforgettable.

Within our Rough Diamond Membership we are eagerly awaiting a mini webinar about the importance of e-commerce within business, if you would like to see the benefits and value of being a Rough Diamond Member check out this link – So you want to be a Rough Diamond member?


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