September Meeting 2017 – Lets Explore E-Commerce

I left this meeting with a huge to do list! Did you? 
Once again, our meeting on Thursday was brilliant! We had a fantastic speaker in Chris Gibson, co-founder of and current owner of Evolve retail. He gave some invaluable advice on eCommerce and I think we have all since altered our websites to reflect this!
It was also so great to see a great bunch of women connecting, some new faces to the group and great to see some old faces back too! It has inspired me for yet another month!
We had a scary moment though when we realised our next meeting is the last meeting until our XMAS EVENT! Where has the year gone!? We’re in the last quarter. Already!
This month’s theme is about valuing your products and services, reflecting that in your prices. A valuable one for all of us to take seriously!
I’ll pass over to Robyn now, and remember – Know your worth, then add Tax!
I was blown away by everyone at this meeting, sitting back and listening to all of your successes and events that you had taken part in in the last month was amazing. So i would like to congratulate you on everything you have achieved!
The talk by Chris was an eye opener, i started to think about my e-commerce approach in a totally new way.  He put into perspective that i needed to create my sales funnel and buying processes in the viewpoint of my customer, and not myself. So. i know have a to do list the size of a small novel, but its invaluable to my businesses processes to get this right!
I always come away feeling lighter, and by that i mean that i am bolstered by all of you and your businesses. So Thank you!
As Roseanna has already said i cant believe that it is so close to the dreaded C word ( Christmas!) but that does mean that we are close to our Celebrate women in business event!
Have a great month diamonds!

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