I Made My Idea A Reality!

At The Diamond Initiative we love hearing about your Diamond Moments! Shéannan Lyons is one of our Rough Diamond Members and has achieved a lot in the past few months and we are really excited to share her achievements with you!
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This is my first ever attempt at writing a blog so if it’s a little rough around the edges please stick with it!

The Robin’s Retreat has existed as an idea, in various incarnations for years now, the core of it has always been to provide enjoyable good value, good quality food in a way that allows people to leave feeling better than they did.

Following some life changing circumstances in 2016 I had to rethink my career path. I quickly realised that a 9-5 job was going to be untenable for me with 3 children who would require varying levels of childcare. I also realised that I wanted; in a simple way to help others, who like me may have struggled to come to terms with life events being out of their control and caused them to feel overwhelmed.

My journey with setting up my business this year began when I was encouraged by Robyn to go to the Princes Trust. I had shared my idea with a group of friends and never even considered that other people may also believe that this was a worthwhile venture.
A short time later I contacted The Prince’s Trust where, following a meeting I  was enrolled on their Enterprise programme.

The programme runs for several days and is for people up to the age of 30 offering tailored advice and  guidance through your business journey.

I was astonished at how much I had to learn, many things I had never considered, so much to think about.

Following this I started to plan, crucially to WRITE DOWN what I wanted to achieve and how I could make it happen. This immediately gave me a sense of ownership which spurred me  to visualise my business and narrow down my target market.
Once I could picture it, the name quickly followed and the next major hurdle to overcome was getting my business registered.

I was full of anxiety, feeling leagues out of my depth not knowing how to achieve this status of being a Registered Business.

Thankfully for me, I’d been lucky enough to meet other encouraging women at The Diamond Initiative meetings who had crossed this bridge and were successfully working under their own brands. This was very encouraging!

After doing some research I realised the process wasn’t as gruelling as I’d feared, the Gov.uk site breaks down the process into easy steps, I was also concerned that there might be a cost/risk involved regarding tax registration and thankfully this too was addressed on the Gov.uk site.

So, finally at the end of September this year, in the company of my friend Robyn; I finally registered my business The Robin’s Retreat.
The sense of achievement wasn’t instant, although when it sank in it was overwhelming. I realised how much I have been able to achieve this past year! I’m full of gratitude for the support I’ve received and am determined to channel that into making this a fruitful enterprise.
If you would like to keep up to date with the growth of the Robin’s Retreat you can follow their facebook page here – The Robin’s Retreat Facebook Page
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