Start Ups For The Rest Of Us!


This podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs (especially software developers) to launch and maintain their products and services. The podcast is designed around start up businesses and initial launch processes and even though I am not in the software industry the processes described in these podcasts the information can be transferred into any sector!

The podcast in question is labelled is titled 5 steps to beating your startup demons (something I know I definitely struggled with!)

While the technical terms used at the beginning of the podcast may make you disengage please preserver to the section they start to discuss the difference between being a hero and a martyr and how this affects your start up success. When in martyr mode at the beginning of your business you feel like you are the victim of everything, and this can have a severe negative effect on you and your business’ potential for success.

I also loved that they discussed that starting a business is hard for everyone, its not just you that is experiencing this or has experienced the tribulations of being a start up business. It is fine to feel down trodden and upset with the problems you are experiencing, but make a plan to address them and move on!

And like I said before, it doesn’t matter that these successful entrepreneurs are not in my sector, I can still earn from their achievements and how they processed issues within their businesses.


A great podcast to listen to in any stage of business and in any sector. It’s still relevant and you should be able to learn form everybody.

It’s very straight talking (in a friendly way) and I love the 5th step! If you want to make it happen, you will suck it up and do it! That’s great advice, business is hard for everyone and some months are better than others. I know this only too well.

All excellent advice and definitely worth a listen! It might just give you that kick up the bum you need!

Here is the link to the podcast – 5 Steps To Beating Your Start-Up Demons


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