The E-Myth Revisted

The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work, And What To Do About It!
e myth
As small businesses ourselves ( Soon to be big businesses!) it is crucial we learn from those who have gone before us!
This book is written by the critically acclaimed Small business Guru – Micheal E. Gerber, who has mapped out the perfect process for small business to grow and expand.
Well, when I first looked at this book I thought it looked petrifying. A reminder of those dreaded school days! Then I read it. I learned a lot (unlike I did at school!) Michael Gerber has a great way of writing that is easy to understand. He has excellent insight on business and how a business should be built and run and my business has benefited so much from this! He gives excellent examples of working ON your business and not IN your business.
Would you class McDonald’s as a small business? How about the greatest one that has ever been? You will once you read this.
Do not be afraid of this book! It is a slight hard slog to begin with but the messages that it convey are truly amazing if you can put them under your belt and start utilising these processes.
It is also very hard hitting in other ways too, it makes you realise that not all people who start a business are entrepreneurs. This did make me question my own reasons for starting a business, and it just made me want to strive to achieve more of the entrepreneur lifestyle than just a business owner ( pretty powerful stuff!)
As a more developed business i could see the similarities i had when starting up my business, and, as he puts it, the growing pains i am now experiencing within my own business. This book made me realise and brought it home to me that its not going to be easy, but its how you tackle those hurdles that will make you great.
Attention to detail is key! 

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