Happiness Comes In Waves

IMG_5728So, have you ever agree to do something and immediately regretted it?

That is what i did when i agreed to go on a sailing trip to take part in the Small Ships Race in Southampton at the beginning of October. It sounded amazing on paper, a few days sailing, learning new skills, an exciting race to say i have been apart of, but as soon as i got the confirmation i was going a feeling of dread had started to creep upon me……

My first fear was in regards to how i would manage my business whilst being on a boat, a pretty scary thought.

My second fear was that i had no idea what i had let myself in for in regards to what i was expected to do.

And my third fear was absolutely ridiculous, but i was in fear of who i would be put with and the support i would receive in regards to my Visual Impairment.

The days ticked by, and the date set for my departure got closer and closer, and i just refused to acknowledge it was happening ( a really adult response i know! ) i started to put plans into place to keep R K Virtual Assistance going while i would be sailing the seven seas! and it was a lot easier than i thought. I had finally started to learn how to let go, and it felt great.

The day came for me to travel to Southampton, and of course i worked all the way there on the train, but i felt good and the sense of dread had started to be replaced with a sense of happiness and wonder at what the next few days would bring.

The experience was truly amazing. I met some fabulous people, i learnt new skills and i ached for days after as it was so labour intensive i certainly felt like i had achieved something!


My biggest realisation was that if my mindset was right going into an experience i was more likely to take as much away from it as humanly possible.

O and by the way we came second in our class in the race! An amazing result!

Don’t let chances slip you by, take every opportunity and run with, and fear is not something to be feared!

Happiness comes in waves!


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