October Meeting – 2017 The Meeting of Valuing What You Offer

Did you all go away and put up your prices after October/November’s event?
If not did you at least go away and make sure you were being paid enough for all of the time you put into your business?


I really enjoyed this meeting! (Even though I had to speak!)

I hope that everyone that attended realised that their pricing needs to be evaluated regularly, and that you should be giving yourself at least a living wage while you are working on your business in your down time.

How interesting was it to look at the different pricing structures within services and products within our group?

But you know what really made me smile? When most of you had that light-bulb moment that you could charge more for your services. And you were worth more than you were paying yourself!

I went away again feeling really amazed at everyone’s progress this month, and I cant wait to celebrate at our Christmas event all of your diamond moments!


I can’t believe that was the last meeting of the year! Well, apart form the exciting Christmas event we have coming up!

But again, what a night! More new faces and great to see everyone! I love hearing how everyone’s months have gone.

I think everyone had realisations about how they price their products and services, I know I did.

I cannot wait for Christmas and January! 2018 will be our year!

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