Let’s Explore Our Speakers!

As you all know we are celebrating Christmas with our celebrate women in business event on the 15th of December at the Orange Tree in Derby!

So we thought we would delve into the minds and world of our speakers to give you more insight into why we chose them for our event.

andy cope yellow tee 2

Andy Cope
The author of “the art of being brilliant” and many more motivational books.
His wonderful outlook on life and how to combat negativity is truly eye opening (it certainly made me look at how i approach life!)
He has created a bespoke training session just for The Diamond Initiative, which is really exciting!.

In his own words, “This may change your life”

His training has been developed to allow you to be your best self, as many of us are a million miles away from feeling the best we can!

His training is something you don’t want to miss!

Adele Bryant

ADELE BRYANTRethinking possibilities

Adele Bryant has developed some out of this world training to help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing in the workplace!

Her background as an entrepreneur linked with her knowledge of human behaviour and neuroscience makes her thoughts and training really innovative.

As the creator of the Unconscious Operating SystemTM, Adele specialises in revealing the unconscious thought processes that control our behaviours. She applies leading edge neuroscience, psychology and behaviour research to help individuals and organisations overcome mental barriers and to achieve maximum performance. She has helped many professionals to rethink their possibilities and achieve more from their lives than they ever thought possible.

During her interactive talk, Adele will reveal the hidden secrets of your brain that will help to turn you into a super successful Goal Getter for 2018 and beyond!


Paula Cohen
Paula Cohen is the brains behind Taylory, and is determined to allow small business owners to find out their potential, then help them achieve it!

Her twist on business ideas and processes will make you think outside of the box in the most glorious way about your business.

She demystifies business hurdles and struggles and will certainly leave you with a million ideas to alter your business for the better.

Did you know, that discount makes you a liar? All will be revealed in her amazing talk at out event!

So, i bet your rushing to go and get your ticket now aren’t you? This event is designed to allow you to celebrate your success in a room filled with like minded people and to allow you to connect with like minded driven women in business!

Here is the link to buy your ticket, you don’t want to miss out!
Celebrate Women In Business With The Diamond Initiative <– Buy your tickets here!





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