How to Beat Loneliness in Business

As a business owner, you’re often on your own and can quite often go a whole day without seeing another soul, completely immersed in your own business.

Two and half years ago I got to realise my dream and begin my new business adventure. It was an exciting roller-coaster finally opening my bespoke jewellery boutique in Bakewell. I was so excited about what lay ahead, but my excitement was soon swapped for self-doubt as I realised that it was just me….

There was no-one to hold me accountable, no running ideas past anyone, no stopping for a chat with someone by the kettle and no Christmas party! No-one tells you how lonely running your own business really is and a year ago, I really got into a low state. I was extremely lovely and felt very much on my own. Even with an amazingly supportive family. I’d just moved to the area too so didn’t necessarily have any ‘friends’ and the people I did meet didn’t ‘get’ what I was doing.

Eventually, I decided that if I was lonely then there would be other business women who were too. So, The Diamond Initiative was born. A business development and support group, to give women in business somewhere to go to share ideas, celebrate successes, meet other women who were going it alone, and help support each to other reach our dreams.

Networking is the best way to conquer the lonely days in business. You meet other like-minded people, who are in exactly the same position as yourself, ambitious but unsure. You create a circle of support, not with everyone you meet through networking but with a select few, you just connect.

So now, I am growing an amazing network of business friends and acquaintances, who I know I can go to for advice and support. I mainly have The Diamond Initiative to thank for that but I also get out and network in various groups around Derbyshire.

So good news everybody! You can beat loneliness in business, we’ve even solved the Christmas Party issue too. We’re having the best Christmas Party a business could ask for with an afternoon listening to experts Andy Cope, Adele Bryant and Paula Cohen share amazing business and positive psychology secrets with us to have the best year yet in 2018!

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