The Expert In Anything, Was Once A Beginner

The Diamond Initiative recently had the opportunity of hiring interns to support us with our December event!

It was an eye opening and amazing experience, and we would like to share with you their stories. 

Here is Charlotte’s account of her time and experience with The Diamond Initiative… 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 06.58.19.png“When I applied for a Social Media and Marketing Internship for The Diamond Initiative, I, first, didn’t expect to get offered the job on the same day as my interview, but I did feel good about it after I’d left. Me and Robyn met in a Coffee shop in Newcastle-Under Lyme, which again was a first for me as I’d never had such a relaxed interview before, it was a very nice change and made me feel a lot more at ease than in previous interviews. She was so nice and made me feel comfortable instantly.

Whilst working for The Diamond Initiative, it has certainly opened my eyes to how hard people who run their own businesses work, I am currently doing a masters as well as an internship which I thought has been hard work, but Robyn and Roseanna are amazing, and they do so much for TDI and for their own businesses as well. Working for such an amazing company, one where they are constantly supporting and empowering other business owners in business really is a breath of fresh air, and its also made me re-think where I want to be in the future with my career, and how I can make this happen.

As most of you know, monitoring and posting in numerous social media accounts can be quite a challenge, especially because I had only experienced doing it every day previously for my own personal accounts, and my University Sports Club accounts. I had to get into the ‘Diamond Mindset’ which for me, meant that I had to be extremely positive always, and through my research into finding articles, reading professional profiles and finding out how other companies use training and business coaching to motivate people, it all became pretty clear. I also found reading previous blogs and posts very useful as it inspired me to follow the overall message which is embedded within TDI, and what seemed complicated at first, has become quite natural now.

It has also allowed me to research amazing people’s work such as Andy Cope, and given me a stepping stone to get in contact with people I never would have before. As well as this it has only motivated me to want to be a successful woman in business in the future, and who knows, maybe one day if I’m lucky I will become a TDI member with my own business.

I would just like to thank Roseanna and Robyn for this amazing opportunity, and hopefully my time with TDI has been as enjoyable and beneficial for them, as it has for me!” 

The scheme supported be Keele University allowed us at The Diamond Initiative to expand our workforce, which was an amazing experience.

If you are interested in hiring an intern, or would like to know more about our experience of having interns within our business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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