The Best is Yet to Come – January 2018 Event Review

The Best Is Yet To Come – January 2018 Event

What a cracking start to the year! It could not have gone better! So our first event of the year was all about getting ready for 2018. We had Jenny Ryan, of Women Rocking Business, taking professional headshots – what a great job she did! I haven’t seen them yet but can’t wait! I also can’t wait because I have booked a full branding shoot with her next month! So excited! She’s a very talented photographer who really captures your personality in her images. It’s like they’re alive!

While Jenny was busy doing her thing, we had an excellent opportunity to do some open networking. As we had some new faces this was brilliant! I loved hearing people’s stories and what everybody was up to! One lady is just about to give up her job to go into business full time which is just so exciting!

We settled down after this so Marianne Slater, of Frances and Rose, could give us a small (but great) workshop on incorporating your life and hobbies into your content for social media. How this can show authenticity and help to create a relationship with your audience. Something Marianne does extremely well. The PDF of her worksheet will be available in our members area soon!

Then we got to the juicy talk of GOALS! And how we can help ourselves set and achieve them this year! So, I loved the event and it has really got me excited for what lies ahead, for myself, my business and The Diamond Initiative. We hope to see you all on the 1st Feb for another AMAZING event!

Roseanna x

Mariannes workshop made me reevaluate how i look at my own social media presence, since switching from a start up support based business to a now more corporate client base i am now wondering how i can inject myself into the world of R K Virtual Assistance, and Marianne gave me a way!

Before this though i had the experience of having a head shot taken by Jenny Ryan, the owner of fabulous photography business designed to support women who rock in business! Now, i hate having my picture taken, its something i despise and something i have hidden away from within my business branding as i just don’t really enjoy it!
But jenny really made me feel comfortable she was even able to get a picture of me smiling, yes me smiling!

I took a lot away about being comfortable  within myself, to show who i am within my branding, which is something i have always just put in a “we can revisit this at a later date” folder.

It was also great to see so many new faces at this event!

Robyn x


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