Positive Thinking = Positive Outcome

So, you may already be rolling your eyes and shaking your head at the title of this article, but I once had that same reaction to positive mindset and its web of intricacies. I never realised the power that positivity can have on your business, personal life and overall outlook to everything that you experience.

I assumed i was a positive person, but what i didn’t realise is that my gut innate reaction to certain tasks, experiences or day to day life can be affected by my outlook or mindset within that day. Let me give you an example, and i can look back and laugh at it now, but on the day i was a real “mood hoover” and a true cloud of negativity.

I had woken up with a stiff neck, with not much sleep and knew that i was going to be spending a whole day not in the office and at a conference. Now, some conferences are great, others not so much, so i was already feeling negative towards this without even realising that i was altering my outcome of the day. I got to the conference and my handbag handle snapped in front of a group of my peers and i recoiled in embarrassment. Now, guess how i was feeling right at this moment? Even more withdrawn from the conference that i had already set myself up to be.

So, i sat in a funk, not really engaging and on the train home i realised i had wasted my day. But not in the sense that the conference wasn’t a good use of my time, i had let myself waste the day because of how i felt and reacted to what had gone on that day. It was my outlook and my negativity that had caused me to have such a waste of a day.

It seems strange and absolutely crazy that such a theory could alter your day to have a better outcome, but i am one of the converted and positive mindset techniques are now part of my daily routine.

Since that fateful day and train epiphany i have started to include some positive mindset techniques into my daily routine –

  1. Start the day with a positive affirmation – I know this sounds a little bizarre, but if you start the day telling yourself something positive you will start the day correctly.
  2. Try to use positive words – By actively changing the words you use within your vocabulary then you will be more positive within your responses.
  3. Give Yourself Credit – Now i am the worst person for this, i never stop and take stock of what i have achieved in that day, but give yourself credit where credit is due!
  4. Forgive Yourself – This is incredibly important, it allows you to realise you can let go of any feelings you have towards anything you should feel negative for.
  5. Write a success diary – By writing down daily what you have been successful at you can take the time to look back at where you have come from. So when you have those negative days you can see that it is only temporary.



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