When You’ve ‘Technically’ Had A Shit Week But You’re Still Great

Okay so here goes, get a brew and listen up. I’m giving up complaining. Or at least I’m going to attempt it. The first few weeks of this year have’ technically,’ been shit for one reason or another. I’ll tell you why, but then I’ll tell you how I’m still great.

I’ve had issues with my relationship for a while and moved houses a few times in the last couple of weeks. The rocky times have been happening for a few months, but I’ve shut myself away to deal with it rather than speaking about it which has led to me brewing and making things 10x worse than they should be. Who knows what that feels like!? I’ve now reached out, had the conversation and thankfully, my relationship is going to be saved. Knowing you have someone who still loves you no matter what? Priceless. (There is a separate blog post brewing from this!)

So, living out of a suitcase is less than ideal. Especially when you get snowed out of one house and must stay elsewhere then open your boutique and see clients with no clean clothes, hairbrush, make up etc. But do you know what? At least I have places I can go, I have options – I will never be homeless and who really cares how I look? One day with visibly bad skin and no mascara won’t matter.

This situation was ‘technically’ made worse by my parked car being crashed into yesterday afternoon and rolling down a hill, due to the snowfall. But do you know what? My car almost magically, stopped before going onto a busier and icier road and smashing into a wall – or worse. No one was hurt. It was great to see locals chip in together to help their neighbours out by shovelling snow and gritting the roads.

My car unfortunately ran into my friend’s car on the way down the hill. She had been visiting me while I helped with her website and she was just leaving when this happened. But she’s okay as well! The man who drove into us has the whole thing on camera and his insurance company are being amazingly helpful. This could have been so much worse.

Last week, my Grandad (who I stayed with for a while I was sorting living arrangements out) had a minor heart attack. He’s 84 and what a strong man. Now they say behind every strong man is a stronger woman, and that’s my grandma. These pair have been rocks for me this year (and forever) and my Grandad being taken ill really scared me. It made me realise that life doesn’t last for ever, and 84 years is pretty good. This has made me cherish the little things. Like how beautiful snow looks, that cup of tea (or cider, in my Gran’s case) with your grandparents, how easy we have it in our warm homes, how blessed we are to have cars.

These things, along with other minor issues, could have forced me to go into break down and potentially hide away. Even though I’m having a ‘fat, ugly day’ which no mascara and hormonal skin problems, I’m still having a great day. I have clients who want me to be a part of their special memories and design their jewellery; I have family, friends and a partner who care about me; I live in a beautiful place where we get to experience snow and the different seasons and I’m alive to experience it all!

I’m looking forward to going to my local running club tonight to release some steam, but I can honestly say I have nothing to moan about. Things could always be so much worse, there is always someone who has it worse than you and all I want from life? (Apart from the successful business, big house and fancy cars…) is to be happy. And complaining doesn’t make us happy.

The quote from my journal today: The first step to happiness is to stop complaining. When you complain, not only do you fill yourself with negativity, but you also spread the negative energy to those around you. Complaining makes you feel even worse and become an unpleasant person to be around. Break the habit today!”

Roseanna x

4 thoughts on “When You’ve ‘Technically’ Had A Shit Week But You’re Still Great

  1. Lee says:

    The start of the year has been shit for me as well, for some of the same reasons actually. Relationship troubles, moving from house to house. It’s nice to be able to relate to someone in the blog community on those issues even though they definitely suck. But we’re both still great so that’s what matters! I love the quote from your journal also. Couldn’t agree more and it’s something I’ve been working to improve✨


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