The Hard Stuff: Getting Paid

In business we have amazing aspects which we love doing, such as seeing clients, creating our product or service, operations etc. There’s nothing I love more than delivering the service my business offers and seeing the client’s smile! It’s so rewarding.
But the critical things that help our businesses move forward, we generally don’t enjoy doing, do we? The accounts at the end of the month, marketing and sending out email newsletters. We hate to feel like were harassing people and ‘shoving’ our brand in people’s faces. (Which by the way, we’re totally not!)
Another hard part we find, is asking for money. Sending invoices or telling a customer how much something costs. Asking our clients to pay invoices and late invoices. We love creating the product but seem to shy away when it comes to making sure we get
The reality of it though, is that our businesses will never grow or even survive if we don’t embrace the tough things. For instance, you may have a client who hadn’t paid their invoices for 3 months and seems to be avoiding you, you have to face them (before it gets to 6 months!) or you may be faced with not being able to pay your own invoices on time and then it’s struggle street for you.
And if you let it slide once, you are at risk of being taken advantage of.
You have delivered everything you promised and you deserve to be paid – don’t forget that!
There is another way to think about this as well. In the world of Law of Attraction, if we don’t respect money, it won’t respect us. If we cannot face asking for money, ignore bills and put our heads in the sand, it puts a negative energy to the universe that tells us we aren’t ready to receive money.
I see too many people forget about invoices they’ve sent, not chase them up with their clients. Forget about money they’re owed…! I’ve seen people who know a client is having a hard time and not dare ask to be paid. I’ve also seen people blatantly ignore an invoice they need to pay, which is out of order. (However, if you feel the services has not been delivered correctly – that needs taking up with the service provider!) Generally, people don’t like dealing with money, and it’s getting us nowhere.
What I want to tell you is, don’t fear money. Don’t fear telling your customers how much something costs. Don’t fear chasing up late invoices. It’s just how business works. Learn to love money, embrace it and do it with a smile on you face – you will find it so much easier! And in turn, your business will thrive!
PS. I am aware money is a huge subject and I am just scratching the surface here, so this is to be continued…

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