Is Social Media Still Relevant?

Another Algorithm change? 

Another Change in trend in viewing? 

So, is it all worth it? 

The latest Facebook Algorithm change, coupled with an Instagram blip in reach has a lot of small business owners pulling their hair out and questioning is it all worth it?

What if I told you that each algorithm change is an opportunity, not a hindrance?
Yes, you read that sentence correctly and I will explain why. 

The recent Facebook change has caused uproar, as it seems to put business owners at the back of the line in term of reach, exposure and anything useful it seems. Is this reality though?

The algorithm changes favour a real connection…… Isn’t this what you want to be creating with your followers and potential clients anyway? It has also removed the allowance for click bait and spam posts to filter and disrupt your newsfeed. Every man and his dog can spot a spam or baited post, so the fact they are now being spotted for what they are is a good things! (Less disruption = More enjoyment and people spend more time within the Facebook App).

Facebook pages still matter! They offer an amazing free space to engage with your potential customer, with simple to use pre set templates that guide you to create high quality content within minutes.  So all is not lost!

So each time the algorithm changes give yourself the opportunity to find out what your potential customers engage with,  this is your opportunity to reconnect with those who are your target audience and to assess if you are really attracting the right people to your business. It also forces you to create high quality content, and makes you create the right atmosphere to facilitate meaningful interactions and high engagement. See it as Facebook making sure you look professional, are targeting the correct individuals and are staying true to your branding. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it?


Here are some tips to start beating the FB algorithm! 
– FB now gives posts with meaningful engagement a higher chance of being seen. Meaningful engagement is classed as a quick like response, high comment value and share value.
– Make sure your business page has a complete about me section, including your story section. Posts from pages that have fulfilled all of these sections get a higher reach.
– Use interesting post types, keep your page moving and interesting.

Some things to avoid 
– Images that pretend to be a video have been removed from having a videos status in the algorithm, this technique of increasing reach on an image now triggers a negative response in the algorithm.
– Posts that load slowly on a mobile device or have poor back links are also demoted within the algorithm, make sure all of your posts work as efficiently and look good on your mobile or tablet!
– Posts that link to low SEO websites or websites that have a low user experience are also demoted within the algorithm.

Don’t be disheartened!

These changes are your opportunity to stay connected to your ideal customers, so take it as an opportunity to get ahead in your marketing game. There will also be a million articles, a million webinars, a millions people giving you advice on this left right and centre, but you need to see what works for you and your marketing.

If you need any support don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or if you have a question about anything within this article!


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