Vision, Mission and Culture


A powerful initiative for ambitious women to achieve extraordinary results in life and business.


The Diamond Initiative is the business catalyst every ambitious woman needs to grow. Through innovative networking, personal and business development we help women improve their lives and businesses daily.

We understand running a business can be a lonely road and everybody needs a support network –  our number 1 priority is to support, celebrate and inspire each other in every way we can, both in business and personal situations. If we develop ourselves, we develop our businesses.

The Diamond Initiative understands hunger for personal and business development, so we aim to provide inspiration and education by way of inviting guest speakers from every walk of life, male or female.

This group is not typical networking. We do not use the group or events to ‘sell’ our business and products. Neither do we use the group solely for network building.

We do not discriminate against anybody; we respect everybody’s background, differences and beliefs.

It is, our responsibility to our guests and members to give them the best quality advice and experience possible and will not discount a persons ability to do this because of their gender, however, no male will ever hold a position within The Diamond Initiative.


Confidentiality in the group is paramount. It is understood that what is said amongst The Diamond Initiative stays amongst The Diamond Initiative in order to keep the safe space, we have created.

We live and love life to the fullest.


Support – We support and encourage each other in every way possible. We do not see each other as competition.

Development – We have desire to learn and grow in both our personal and business lives. We learn lessons from every experience.

Ambition – We are all remarkable women with ambition to succeed.

Honesty – We are open and honest with everyone. We are happy to share our opinions and knowledge.

Integrity – We operate and live our lives with integrity.

Confidentiality – We respect everybody’s confidentiality and agree that what is said in amongst TDI stays amongst TDI.

Respect – We are respectful of others feelings and do not discriminate against anybody.

Gratitude – We are grateful for everything in life and ensure we live our lives to the fullest.


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