Self Belief is Hard (but you can do it!) by Josie Hardaker

Self belief is hard. You’re constantly at war with that tiny voice in your head that tells you, ‘ You can’t do this ! ‘ or ‘ What if it doesn’t work?! ‘ and the thing with self belief is, you have to believe that little voice is talking crap!

Even if sometimes it’s the loudest one you hear.

J.K Rowling got rejected 12 times before Harry Potter was finally published, she is now one of the richest women in the world. 12 times?! I’m not sure if I could carry on after getting rejected that many times, but she did, so that’s something we all need to remember when we have knock downs in our business.

Being a qualified chef, cook and cake maker, every chef I look at does pretty much the same thing. I even have people copy my own ideas, someone selling their cakes at cheaper prices, to the same people I know! However, I believed my cakes were more delicious, I let the person try and sell them, knowing in the end they would come back to me, and for their important cakes, they always do.

At the moment, I am in the process of opening my own cafe, you can walk down any high street or through a village and you’ll no doubt find a cafe (or 10!) near enough the same. But do I believe mine will fail just because others are similar?! No.

I believe the food and cakes will be so delicious people will come back time and time again. I believe my staff will be so friendly, even that will set us apart from others.

Self belief is a massive, massive thing when running a business (especially when in nearly every single business, your competitors are never far away!) if you love what you do and believe it will work, 99% of the time it shall!!! And if you start to struggle, never let this dishearten you, how boring would life be if it was always plain sailing?! You’ll get that belief back, after sorting any problems that arise, and you’ll have more belief than ever!

One of the most amazing things about self belief that entrepreneurs have is that they say to themselves ‘I will not work all these hours for someone else, and I’m going to do something about it!’ Just trying to start your own business sets you apart from millions of other people all around the world because you believe one day all the hard work will pay off. Why on earth would you ever work for yourself if you didn’t truly believe that?!

Believe in yourself. Believe in your product, and believe in your business, if you do, you’ll reap the rewards eventually….

by Josie Hardaker, of Hardaker’s Hampers

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