Take a Day Off!!

When was the last time you took a day for yourself? My bet is that you haven’t had any ‘me time’ in a long time…

As business owners, we rarely allow ourselves to take time off, and that’s probably because we view them as an unnecessary “indulgence.” And we feel the business will collapse without us there for one day! I know that I feel terribly guilty when I take a day off, even if I’m really ill. But if you overwork yourself, you’re just going to burn out, which can lead to even worse things than what ‘may’ happen if we take a day off.

Taking even one day off a week can help reset yourself mentally which makes your head clearer when you are back at work. A clear head = more productive day and a more productive business!

You surely know the refreshed feeling you get when you take a few minutes away from your computer? Well imagine what a whole day (or week) could do for your productivity.

Taking time off also helps remind you that you are, in fact, a human being with interests and hobbies! Take the time to remember what they are, and remember why we work the long hours we do, it’s to enjoy these things, isn’t it?

Allow yourself to take the occasional Friday off to spend on the couch with your partner or take a weekend break in the Lake District with friends. Whatever you do, you’ll be glad you did it!

Yesterday was my birthday and as I mentioned, I’m terrible for taking a day off but yesterday both my partner and I enjoyed a rare day off together and it was just pure bliss. We had so much fun exploring Kedleston Hall. We built on our relationship and told ourselves we need to do it more often!

Next time you’re undecided about whether to take a day off, just do it – you won’t regret it!

kedleston south front

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