Lets Talk Money

Getting paid and money management can be difficult in business because, in addition to customers, cash flow and managing your accounts properly is what keeps your business running smoothly. Consequently understanding money management has to become a priority. Even if you hire an accountant to do the hard stuff and make it balance, you will still need to familiarise yourself with basic bookkeeping and money management principles.

When I started out I hated money, I was okay at writing incoming and outgoings but terrible at managing it at the end of the month. I ended up spending a lot of money on accountants which was totally unnecessary.

It wasn’t until my business coach last year gave me a kick up the backside at told me I needed to get my head around bookkeeping. How can I expect to know if someone else is doing it right if I don’t know how to do it?? So, I made myself learn Quickfile (a cloud based accounting system) and my business has changed. I know how much I make at the end of every month, I know how much I’m spending on what and I can budget in order to save for a rainy day. It took me time and I hated doing it for so long but now its almost second nature. As a result? I seem to have more money coming in each month. No word of a lie. I think as my money mindset has improved, money is more attracted to me!

So how can I help you get your money in order? For our next Derby networking event, we have a lovely accountant hosting a Q&A session so you can ask any questions you may have regarding accounting and getting your businesses finances in order!

It will be on the 5th April at The Orange Tree in Derby from 6.30pm, for more information follow this link!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the form below!

Roseanna x


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