The Importance of Support

Yesterday I had an amazing day. It started off with waking up in a panic at all the snow (again) to seeing the snow be washed away and carrying on with my awesome day!

After the initial panic, I had a meeting with my mentor with is always an excellent, thought provoking experience. I am always filled with motivation and inspiration after I meet with him, ready to tackle whatever business has to throw my way!

We then had a focus group for the 90 Day Mission with a few of The Diamond Initiative members which was nothing short of amazing. The group was held as a mini version of the 90 Day Mission, each planning an incredible 30 Day Mission to achieve BIG goals. The goal I have planned to achieve scares me and I don’t think I could have put as much thought into it without the help of the ladies I had around me today.

Which gets me thinking about support, and how important it is, not just in business but in life. However, in business, with support I believe the things we can achieve are limitless.

Support comes in so many forms such as mentors and coaches; networking groups; family and friends; spouses, etc. The people who support you can not only help you achieve great things but they can also raise you up when you aren’t having such a great day (we all have bad days, which is totally OK), and can help you celebrate when you have an AMAZING day!

I also believe that in business, we need a certain type of support. While family and friends are amazing, we need to mingle with people who understand what we are going through and who also want to achieve great things others can only dream of. (I am not saying here that our family and friends don’t, what I am saying is we don’t all think the same and want to same things – which is totally okay!)

When I first started in business I found that while my family supported me, I was lacking essential business support so I found myself an incredible mentor but also started mingling with like minded women in business. I then went on to form The Diamond Initiative, a group to offer support to people who have been in the same place I was in.

Without the support group I have created for myself, I doubt I would have achieved all that I have to date and I probably would have had numerous break downs!

Take some time to think about your support group, if you find yourself without, reach out and see who is around.

For 24/7 support you can also join our Facebook group (if you haven’t already!) through this link. You can also give one of our networking and development events a try and meet with super supportive, like minded business women in the Derby and East Midlands area.


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