About The Diamond Initiative

 What We Do

The Diamond Initiative is a group for ambitious women in the Derby area to come together to meet like minded women, share their experiences, support and celebrate one another.

We meet in Derby on the first Thursday of every month to listen to a key speaker talk about a topic that will help us develop ourselves, lives and businesses/careers.

We also host larger motivational events throughout the year and courses/challenges to promote growth in our personal and business lives.

You can find information about our monthly events here.

How The Diamond Initiative Came About

Roseanna Croft founded The Diamond Initiative in January 2017 and it has since workedScreen Shot 2017-12-19 at 20.48.47 hard growing it to the force it is today, with the help of the amazing members of The Diamond Initiative and people she has met along the way.

Roseanna has travelled the world a lot of her adult life and has never settled in one place for too long until she moved back to her home county of Derbyshire in 2015.

When she moved back to Derbyshire, Roseanna experienced extreme loneliness as all her childhood friends had moved on and the people she met didn’t get the life she was trying to build for herself, with her huge dreams and ambitions.

When trying to build her first business, Roseanna felt very alone and didn’t enjoy ‘normal’ networking as she found it impersonal and too ‘salesy.’ Having been supported by The Prince’s Trust, Roseanna also understood the need for support, having an excellent mentor by her side.

This is why The Diamond Initiative was founded, to offer ‘soft’ networking and a place for other ambitious women to go to seek support for their problems and celebration of their achievements, to develop themselves in order to grow their business and to know that there are like-minded women not so far away from us.

‘We personally own all the knowledge to reach success and between us, we can find it.’

You can read our full Vision, Mission and Cultures here.

Roseanna Croft: Official Biography Roseanna Croft (2).jpg

Roseanna Croft is a twenty-something year old, entrepreneur who enjoys long walks on the beach, hot bubble baths and ice cold champagne. She also enjoys waking up before the birds and running marathons (actually, not sure if she enjoys that!) She’s a normal (ish) woman, with big ambitions.

Aside from TDI, Roseanna is also the founder of various other successful businesses however, by trade, is a jewellery designer and goldsmith, founding Roseanna Croft Jewellery in 2012.

Roseanna supports various charities in any way she can. She is a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and helped raise money for them and Heads Together, when running the London Marathon in 2016.

Roseanna loves to travel and experience new things. She has lived in cities all over the UK including London, Edinburgh and Manchester, as well as more recently living in Brisbane, Australia. She is now living in rural Derbyshire, making the most of the beautiful Peak District and the British weather. Next on her bucket list are climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro and a little Skydive!

In her ‘down time’ Roseanna loves watching Rugby and Formula 1, reading a good book (crime thriller or personal development) and pushing herself in crazy running challenges.

She also has loads of flaws, her main one being gets grumpy when not fed and struggles to function without coffee…

She basically loves a laugh and just wants to make the most out of this short life we have.

Any questions? Come along to one of our monthly meetings and ask! (You can also drop us an email through this contact form!)