The Importance of Support

Yesterday I had an amazing day. It started off with waking up in a panic at all the snow (again) to seeing the snow be washed away and carrying on with my awesome day! After the initial panic, I had a meeting with my mentor with is always an excellent, thought provoking experience. I am … Continue reading The Importance of Support

Take a Day Off!!

When was the last time you took a day for yourself? My bet is that you haven’t had any ‘me time’ in a long time… As business owners, we rarely allow ourselves to take time off, and that's probably because we view them as an unnecessary "indulgence." And we feel the business will collapse without … Continue reading Take a Day Off!!

When You’ve ‘Technically’ Had A Shit Week But You’re Still Great

Okay so here goes, get a brew and listen up. I’m giving up complaining. Or at least I’m going to attempt it. The first few weeks of this year have’ technically,’ been shit for one reason or another. I’ll tell you why, but then I’ll tell you how I’m still great. I’ve had issues with … Continue reading When You’ve ‘Technically’ Had A Shit Week But You’re Still Great