Diamond Moments

These moments are successes and achievements of The Diamond Initiative members, read them and be inspired by the fabulous people within this networking group!

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations – We want to share our latest blog about Roseanna’s amazing, life changing experiences last weekend!
Please have a read and just reflect, how important it is to make the most of opportunities that come our way. Make the most of life

Lay The Groundwork – Then Your In For A Win! – We would like to highlight the amazing input Marianne has put into her business this month and the rewards she has reaped from it! She talks about how by inputting the groundwork correctly within her business she has prospered this month!

I Made My Idea A Reality! – The owner of Robin’s Retreat has achieved a lot in the past few months and we would like to share their success!

Happiness Comes In Waves – Robyn MacMillan took on her fears and achieved an amazing results with her team in the Southampton Small Ships!