The Importance of Support

Yesterday I had an amazing day. It started off with waking up in a panic at all the snow (again) to seeing the snow be washed away and carrying on with my awesome day! After the initial panic, I had a meeting with my mentor with is always an excellent, thought provoking experience. I am … Continue reading The Importance of Support

Let’s Explore Our Speakers!

As you all know we are celebrating Christmas with our celebrate women in business event on the 15th of December at the Orange Tree in Derby! So we thought we would delve into the minds and world of our speakers to give you more insight into why we chose them for our event. Andy Cope … Continue reading Let’s Explore Our Speakers!

Cat’s Curiosity Shop – Highlighted Business in October

Caitlin Molloy has written this beautiful powerful blog about the creationof her business and her power to continue after her hurdles and pick herself back up again. Her tenacity is truly inspirational.  1: What made you start your own business? I’ve always been a creative person, most of my free time since I was a … Continue reading Cat’s Curiosity Shop – Highlighted Business in October