Take a Day Off!!

When was the last time you took a day for yourself? My bet is that you haven’t had any ‘me time’ in a long time… As business owners, we rarely allow ourselves to take time off, and that's probably because we view them as an unnecessary "indulgence." And we feel the business will collapse without … Continue reading Take a Day Off!!

Self Belief is Hard (but you can do it!) by Josie Hardaker

Self belief is hard. You're constantly at war with that tiny voice in your head that tells you, ' You can't do this ! ' or ' What if it doesn't work?! ' and the thing with self belief is, you have to believe that little voice is talking crap! Even if sometimes it's the … Continue reading Self Belief is Hard (but you can do it!) by Josie Hardaker

Vision, Mission and Culture

Vision A powerful initiative for ambitious women to achieve extraordinary results in life and business. Mission The Diamond Initiative is the business catalyst every ambitious woman needs to grow. Through innovative networking, personal and business development we help women improve their lives and businesses daily. We understand running a business can be a lonely road … Continue reading Vision, Mission and Culture