Is Social Media Still Relevant?

Another Algorithm change?  Another Change in trend in viewing?  So, is it all worth it?  The latest Facebook Algorithm change, coupled with an Instagram blip in reach has a lot of small business owners pulling their hair out and questioning is it all worth it? What if I told you that each algorithm change is … Continue reading Is Social Media Still Relevant?

Positive Thinking = Positive Outcome

So, you may already be rolling your eyes and shaking your head at the title of this article, but I once had that same reaction to positive mindset and its web of intricacies. I never realised the power that positivity can have on your business, personal life and overall outlook to everything that you experience. … Continue reading Positive Thinking = Positive Outcome

Cat’s Curiosity Shop – Highlighted Business in October

Caitlin Molloy has written this beautiful powerful blog about the creationof her business and her power to continue after her hurdles and pick herself back up again. Her tenacity is truly inspirational.  1: What made you start your own business? I’ve always been a creative person, most of my free time since I was a … Continue reading Cat’s Curiosity Shop – Highlighted Business in October